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Senior Account Manager, Digital Marketing

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    San Diego, US
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    At Front Row, we partner with leading brands to accelerate their ecommerce growth. We leverage our capabilities and proprietary technology to design, market, distribute and accelerate brands on a global scale.

    We’re continually cultivating functional areas of expertise and retaining the highest caliber of talent — while sharing knowledge and data, creating efficiencies, and looking at every aspect of our client’s business from a 360 perspective.

    We work effectively to give every client the hands-on support, niche knowledge, and first-access they need to win in the world’s most competitive commerce markets and make each of our six capabilities the first to act on the next big things.

    We live for the exchange of energy between brands and audiences, you should too, and we’ve made it our mission to expand every brand’s market share and heart share. Because we believe every transaction has the potential to be transformational.

    About the team this role lives within:

    Based in San Diego, California, our content creation & digital marketing agency specializes in the beauty, health, and wellness industry and offers 360 marketing services, including social media marketing, content creation, influencer marketing, paid digital media, creative development, email marketing, and website development.

    We look at the digital space with a wide-angle lens — making us uniquely qualified to expand and elevate our client’s digital reach while delivering consistency across performance marketing, social marketing, influencer marketing, email marketing and CRM.

    With over $17M in revenue, the current team is over 80 people. Top clients include Jergens, Bio-Oil, Rimmel, Olaplex, and JLo Beauty.

    The San Diego office also has its own studio for shoots, which is a key part of the client offering, developing ongoing social content, email marketing assets, social and streaming ads, photography and video for everything from evergreen messages to product launches.

    We lead with instinct. We validate with evidence. And we value add for everyone.

    A Senior Account Manager is the leader of the account. They are the individual who is looking at everything from a holistic view and making the best decisions for their team. They are a highly skilled and strategic professional responsible for leading internal teams, driving client communication and strategy, and serving as the head liaison between Front Row internal functions and clients. They have a deep knowledge of digital marketing and strategy, refined written and verbal communication, and strong leadership skills are expected of this role. Senior Account Managers also lead the growth and development of internal team members and drive both client and internal structures towards success.

  • Requirements


    5-7 Years of Digital Marketing experience – agency experience preferred


    We expect Senior Account Managers to have a strong sense of responsibility for their account, for their team, for the creative work, for the paid media performance, and for the Agency.

    They should always work in the best interests of these elements. As such they will be expected to do the following:

    Actively develop the skills of those who work for them

    Make sure every creative / client briefing is as inspiring as possible

    Expect and aim for the best creative work every time

    Make every Client meeting a great one

    Seek out and address problems, don’t let them fester or leave them for someone else

    Being proactive with Clients, offer the Agencies help or POV where appropriate. Make the Agency seem indispensable

    • Excellent track record of building strong client relationships
    • Leadership and people management experience
    • Confidence, assertiveness, and self-starter qualities
    • Ability to give accurate verbal and written feedback and instructions to internal teams

    Workflow within the Agency

    Senior Account Managers are responsible for managing and directing the resources of the agency to achieve the objectives of the account. This calls for a range of skills from appropriate delegation of work to juniors, to hustling to get your work prioritized within other departments, or to calling in management at an appropriate time to solve a problem.

    Delegation – Upwards and downwards as the occasion requires it. A good Senior Account Manager identifies who is the best person to do a task, takes time for proper briefings, coaches them if required and makes clear his/her expectations.

    Planning ahead – To help the Agency manage workload and ensure deadlines are hit, the Senior Account Manager should be identifying when resources are required, planning when management should be involved and ensuring constant steady progress.

    Ensure Agency resources are used in a cost effective manner (i.e. only when needed and or paid for)

    People Development

    Senior Account Managers are responsible for the management and upskilling of their team including Account Managers and Account Coordinators. As such they should:

    • Manage the team to deliver projects effectively and efficiently
    • Motivate and empower the team to work hard
    • Be responsible for training and development of the team
    • Know when to escalate issues to senior management for support
    • Give constructive and regular feedback about performance of members of the team

    • Solution Seeking

      Senior Account Managers are responsible for finding a way around problems. This doesn’t mean they have to solve all the problems themselves, but he/she needs to be able to identify how best to solve a problem. As such, they need to be excellent at the following skills :

      • Have a thorough knowledge of the process of advertising development and production. Knowing where potential problem areas might be and where there are opportunities to be flexible or not.
      • Be able to negotiate through impasses within Agency and with Client to find appropriate solutions
      • Be able to consider lots of different solutions to a problem
      • Make sound decisions under pressure
      • Sounding the alarm at the right time and to the right people within the Agency

      Client Confidence

      A Senior Account Manager is expected to have a good understanding of the workings of both the Agency and the Client. Specifically they should know and understand:

      • The tools and processes required in strategy development, advertising development, production and evaluation.
      • Be familiar with market dynamics and competitor strategies
      • Understand the breadth and depth of if 360 Marketing: Social Commerce, Influencer Marketing, Performance Marketing, Retention Marketing
      • Be familiar with key marketing theories
      • Digital production process
      • Advertising research methodologies
      • Industry tracking reports
      • The clients business
      • Be able to talk their language
      • Understand how they make money
      • Know how they are structured
      • Know their key issues/challenges
      • Know everything about the product
      • Presentation skills
      • Be able to present your own and others ideas in either a formal presentation or an informal way intelligently, thoughtfully, with passion and with clarity
      • Be able to write interesting and concise presentations for use internally and externally

      Business Acumen

      The Senior Account Manager should also display awareness of the Agencies business objectives and ensure that He/ She plays a part in achieving this. Specifically:

      • Be an expert on the contract and fee structure between Agency and Client
      • Ensure that other account team members are aware of any relevant contractual obligations
      • Fee Proposals
      • Be able to produce a tactical fee proposal for a client
      • Flagging potential revenue streams to leadership
      • Management of the monthly fee reconciliations
      • Ensure that hours are correctly allocated by individuals and to the correct job/project or brand
      • Be aware of running over/under vs. fee and understand the reasons why
      • Be able to speak confidently and knowledgeably to clients about the agency’s full service offering
      • Understand and be conversant in Front Row’s broad service offering, highlighting opportunities to introduce partner agencies as appropriate

  • Benefits

    • 10 Days Accrued PTO & 5 Sick Days
    • Note: As of 1/1/2024, the new policy includes 20 PTO days (prorated based upon start date) & 7 sick days as of 1/1/2024, per annual year
    • 12 Paid Holidays and Team Paid days off
    • Medical, Vision, and Dental Insurance Benefits
    • SIMPLE IRA Retirement Plan with 3% matching
    • Note: 401k will be available in lieu of SimpleIRA as of 1/1/2024
    • Hybrid working schedule (remote + in-office)
    • A fast-paced, high energy & dog friendly office space in Downtown San Diego with snacks and coffee!
    • Free Lunch Thursdays
    • Company-Paid Parking at our Downtown San Diego Office
    • Paid Professional Development Opportunities

    SALARY RANGE - $80,000-100,000

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